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Perforated wall

The perforated wall or perforated back panel is a flexible and versatile system for storing tools, materials and other items. Typically made of metal or wood, the perforated wall is characterized by a large number of evenly distributed holes into which hooks, holders and other storage accessories can be hung. Due to its modular nature and easy adaptability, the perforated wall has established itself as an indispensable organizational tool, particularly in workshops, garages, retail and storage areas.

The perforated back panel

The strength of a perforated back panel lies in its versatility. It can be attached vertically to walls or integrated horizontally into storage shelves to create a custom-fit perforated panel for storage shelving systems. This configuration maximizes available storage space and greatly improves accessibility to tools and materials. In commercial settings, a perforated back panel thus simultaneously enables flexible and attractive product presentation, where items can be easily regrouped or swapped to respond to changing customer needs or stock levels.

The perforated panel for your storage shelving from TOPREGAL

There are several factors to consider when selecting a perforated panel for a storage rack. These include the material, the size and spacing of the holes, which determine the compatibility with various hooks and brackets, as well as the quality and load-bearing capacity of the system. Metal perforated panels for storage racks usually offer a higher load capacity and durability, especially in demanding environments such as workshops or industrial warehouses. Installing a perforated panel from TOPREGAL in the storage rack is extremely simple.