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Packaging technology


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Packaging technology - efficient solutions for your packaging requirements

Whether for small businesses or large industrial companies - choosing the right packaging technology contributes significantly to the efficiency and safety of the supply chain. TecMaschin packaging technology makes it child's play to pack everything securely for the upcoming transport to the customer.

Fast and clean packaging

You can rely on the practical hand strapping tool from TecMaschin, which makes it possible to produce strapping in the length of your PET strap - both in the inexpensive entry-level version and with the professional tool for intensive continuous use. The PET strap is also available in our range. This means you can count on receiving everything from a single source and that the technology works together. This means that you can cover the majority of your packaging orders with this product alone. The practical TecMaschin unwinding trolley for strapping ensures a smooth unwinding process and makes it easier for you if you need to change locations with your strapping station. This is particularly useful if the goods to be strapped are bulky, large or heavy. The manual strapping tool can also always be carried in the top shelf of the roll-off trolley, making the 20 kg strap roll much easier to handle.

Intelligent strapping

With the PWS1650 semi-automatic pallet wrapper, wrapping pallet goods is child's play and your products are packaged securely and protected from external influences. By using this robust and durable stretch wrapper, you can securely wrap up to 40 pallets per hour without any physical effort. Whether using the pre-installed programs or your own individually defined wrapping cycles, you will always find the optimum setting to protect pallets from damage, dirt and tipping over during storage and transport. The stretch wrapper is also the ideal choice when it comes to sustainability. Thanks to the pre-stretch system, the wrapping film is pre-stretched by up to 250% compared to pallet wrapping machines with mechanical and magnetic film brakes, which means considerable potential savings in film consumption and therefore also cost savings for you. With pre-stretching, one meter of film becomes 3.5 m.

Thanks to the openings on the underside of the large turntable, the pallet wrapper is also easy to transport with a forklift truck and can be used flexibly. The PWS1650 pallet wrapper from TecMaschin is also equipped with a photocell that ensures automatic height detection. The turntable has a maximum load capacity of 2000 kg and rotates at a speed of up to 12 rpm, making the wrapping machine the ideal packaging machine for your company.

Bubble wrap machine and matching bubble wrap in an economy set: The best protection for glass, ceramics and many other sensitive goods

The LPM19 air bubble machine from TecMaschin and the matching films in a practical set with 4 rolls offer optimum protection for delicate and fragile goods. With a bubble wrap machine, you can produce the bubble wrap directly on site, allowing you to work flexibly and as required. The high-quality films ensure that your products arrive safely and undamaged at the customer's premises.

Battery-powered stapler: efficient stapling solutions for your packaging

A cordless stapler is the ideal solution for fast and efficient stapling of cartons and packaging. Our powerful TecMaschin AT18/2 cord less stapler impresses with its high precision and long runtime. They are particularly ergonomically designed, making it easier to work even with larger packaging jobs.

TecMaschin packaging technology stands for innovation, quality and functionality at a fair price.

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