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TOPREGAL offers cleaning machines from small to large and from high area performance to flexible cleaning with a wet-dry vacuum cleaner. With the professional cleaning machines from wipeket you will find the suitable cleaning device for your needs. Each machine offers its own special application, so you can be sure to find exactly the right machine for your cleaning case with a cleaning machine from wipeket.

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Buy cleaning machine for variety in cleaning

In the TOPREGAL assortment you will find very different cleaning machines for a variety of applications. Our floor cleaning machines range from battery-powered ride-on sweepers for indoor and outdoor use to small and maneuverable scrubber-dryers for indoor use, both with and without cables. Our industrial cleaning machines reliably ensure cleanliness in offices, warehouses, industrial kitchens, supermarkets, hospitals, canteens, and courtyards - precisely where dirt must be removed thoroughly and quickly. The floor cleaning devices are ideally suited for smooth surfaces of various types. Whether tiles, polished concrete floors, terrazzo floors or PVC, our cleaning machines clean a wide variety of surfaces without leaving any residue.

The following applies: The right cleaning device for every cleaning requirement. If soiling on outdoor surfaces needs to be removed, we recommend our large ride-on sweeper AKM80. This highly efficient ride-on sweeper, is made for large-area floor cleaning in outdoor and indoor areas.

Our SWM20E, SWM30, SWM65E and SWA70 floor cleaning machines for indoor use are maneuverable and flexible in their application. From small to large, everything is available here. The small SWM20E and SWM30 scrubber-driers are particularly maneuverable, even in narrow aisles, between shelves or in shopping areas. The battery-powered SWM20E scrubber-dryer is particularly practical in this respect, as it eliminates the need to tug on the power cord. The low operating noise level also makes it possible to carry out cleaning tasks in sensitive environments or in contact with customers. Thus, you ensure cleanliness in the workplace in any situation.

The SWM65E cordless industrial cleaning machine impresses with a high area output and a very long battery runtime.

You like it convenient and have particularly large indoor areas to clean? Then take advantage of the potential of our large ride-on scrubber-dryer SWA70. This comfortable combination device allows you to clean flat floor surfaces in a sitting position without leaving any residue. This saves time and energy after a long working day in the warehouse or on assembly.

If other surfaces such as upholstery, leather furniture, tables or even conventional hall floors need to be cleaned of heavy dirt and liquids, our wet/dry vacuum cleaner NTS80 can help.

Professional cleaning machines are efficient and easy to use

When it comes to efficiency of cleaning machines in commercial floor cleaning, most people only pay attention to the core factors, such as a high area output, the speed of the cleaning brushes or a large capacity of the dirt tank. These factors definitely influence the efficiency of a professional surface cleaning and can also be found in our devices.

However, in addition to brush diameter and motor power, a clean process flow is also important. To ensure this, our sweepers are very easy to fill and empty. The fresh water tank can be filled very easily via a tank cap on the top of the floor cleaning equipment. Emptying works, for example, on the SWM30 via a practical waste water hose that drains the water from the large waste water tank in seconds. Our NTS80 wet-dry vacuum is even easier to empty, thanks to the easily removable upper part of the commercial vacuum. The convenient tilt chassis then allows the dust tank to be emptied over a skip or directly into a bag. This reduces time spent on ancillary tasks and increases effective cleaning time.

Wet-dry vacuum cleaner and more for powerful cleaning

Our commercial vacuum cleaner, the wet-dry vacuum cleaner NTS80, is particularly powerful. It effortlessly vacuums dust, construction debris, small nuts and bolts, water and other liquids from a wide variety of surfaces. In the process, the robust stainless-steel container of this professional vacuum cleaner ensures that everything is collected centrally. This is made possible by the tank principle, according to which wet-dry vacuums work. The filling volume of conventional tank vacuums is 5 – 8 gallones. The NTS80 has a filling volume of 21 galones and is thus a heavyweight among the industrial vacuum cleaners. This increases the time until the next emptying immensely, which enables fast and efficient cleaning. The tank is made of stainless steel and with its ergonomically shaped stainless steel suction tube, it is child's play to suck in heavy dirt from the floor or even from hard-to-reach places.

Of course, what the NTS80 can do is not to be expected from a ride-on/scrubber-dryer. Nevertheless, our other heavy-duty cleaning machines also mop, sweep and vacuum any dirt from various surfaces. They can also cope with heavier soiling. The scrubber dryers and ride-on sweepers mainly clean smooth, flat surfaces. In addition, each of our floor cleaners is designed to collect dirty water in its dirt tank, which allows for damp floor cleaning in the hall area. The ride-on / scrubber dryers from wipeket work with a disc system: a cleaning brush rotates in front at high speed. This movement loosens dust and trampled dirt from the floor. To prevent these contaminants from being stirred up, a nozzle on the underside of the cleaning machine moistens the floor surface. This is what distinguishes a conventional sweeper from a scrubber-dryer. The suction pipe, which is attached to the rear suction lip, ensures that the dirty water is sucked into the waste water tank. The cleaning power and area performance is largely determined by the size and rotational speed of the cleaning brush, but the size naturally also limits maneuverability and thus the possibility of use in narrow aisles.

Whether you have a narrow aisle or a large hall area, with wipeket cleaning products you can be sure to find the right cleaning device for your cleaning needs.

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