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Discounts & offers

Fairly calculated prices and insights into all discounts & offers can be found here. True to the motto: "Do good and talk about it!"

✔ Shopping cart discount scales 
✔ Customer pick-up discount 

“Simply the Best” – Easily Identify Favorites with the BESTSELLER Flag

In the store, some of our products have received a new label: BESTSELLER. But what exactly makes an item a bestseller, and what is behind it?

Our systems check daily using carefully devised criteria to identify which products have stood out positively in the last 30 days. The evaluation is carried out using automatically captured statistical figures (e.g., sales volume, reviews,...) and relates to the individual product and the product category. This award allows you to recognize the most popular products at a glance and make an informed purchasing decision.

Discover the BESTSELLER products now and experience for yourself why they are simply the best!

Customer pick-up discount

If you pick up your ordered goods yourself at our warehouse in Joliet, IL, you’ll save another 5% on the net value of the goods. Here the journey to the customer is omitted and we are happy to pass the savings on to you! This saving is directly displayed and deducted in the online ordering process.

Online shopping baskets: big, bigger, cheapest!

Our business model is simple: depending on the amount of your shopping cart, our shop is able to deduct an immediate discount on the net value of the goods. Directly and without having to wait for an offer, you will receive a discount on your order from 3% up to 10%. You can see the discount directly in the online shopping cart, can print it out and use it as an offer for internal coordination. This saves you time and us a work effort, which benefits you in terms of price.

**Excluded from this promotion are all items excluded from further discounts. You can recognise these by the corresponding information text on their product page and in the shopping basket on the item concerned: „No further discount is provided for this item. This also applies to self-collection and promotions. The cart discount reduction is already included in the final price.“

Enjoy online shopping!