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Waste separation, resource conservation, energy-saving measures and sustainable energy management are topics we have to deal with constantly, both in our private lives and at work. Everyone is invited, if not required, to make a contribution to environmental protection. On this page, we would like to show you how TOPREGAL manages to operate sustainably, to not overuse resources, and at the same time to support its employees in contributing to sustainability in and outside of the company. At TOPREGAL, climate protection is close to our hearts and we try to treat our planet and the environment better every day. In doing so, we take concrete actions. Let us inspire you with our vision of a green company.

Dramatic, but not hopeless

The media reports daily on the catastrophic effects of climate change. Higher CO2 emissions and resulting from this the hotter global climate are causing the polar ice caps to melt, which is additionally warming our atmosphere. The consequences are terrible. These include flooding due to rising sea levels, extreme weather conditions leading to long periods of drought and more frequent floods, and the wildlife is not spared either. Currently, around one million animal species are endangered by extinction. According to the German Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU), 150 animal species disappear from planet Earth every day.

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In order to slow down or even completely stop these effects, the German Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU) defined 17 goals. Among them are goals to which we as a company can make a significant contribution through our actions and decisions:

  • Health and well-being
  • Gender equality
  • Affordable and clean energy
  • Decent work
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Climate protection measures

Everyone can contribute to environmental protection. So we, TOPREGAL US Corp., have made a voluntary commitment to do our part and preserve our blue planet. We would like to present some of the measures here.

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Sustainability has different facets

Sustainability and sustainable action are many things, but most of them are not easy. In business and politics, for example, there is often the impression that the complex construct of sustainability and ecology are at odds with a growing economy.

TOPREGAL disagrees: sustainability is based on respectful treatment of people (social sustainability), nature (ecological sustainability) and the organization (economic sustainability). None of these fields can and should be neglected, as none can exist without the other.

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Green mindset: Green production

By ecological sustainability, most people mean a reduction in greenhouse gases such as CO2 and methane. However, ecological action goes far beyond this.

TOPREGAL reduces its emissions through many different measures: For example, most arrangements, meetings with customers and suppliers and even within the company take place by phone. This not only saves time, but also travel routes. In addition, the company started early to implement an almost paperless office, without fax machines or document filing. This saves resources on the one hand and prevents excessive waste production on the other.

As a service-oriented industrial company, you still need vehicles, functioning logistics and employees who fill the shelves and pick goods every day in the warehouses. This is where the management has recognized the greatest leverage within TOPREGAL. Thus, only electric vehicles are used in our warehouses, such as electrically powered forklifts, low-floor vehicles and cleaning machines. This not only protects the environment, through lower CO2 pollution, but also the individual employee, who is thus not exposed to exhaust fumes in warehouses on a daily basis. In order to promote this technology to the outside world, we offer our customers only electrically powered vehicles and equipment. In this way, we consciously decide against selling products that can only be powered by combustion engines, such as diesel generators or larger construction machines. Here we like to limit ourselves for the sake of the environment.

Hereby we, as a responsible organization, want to contribute our part to the energy turnaround.

Green Ideas: The sustainable attitude of employees

One thing must be clear: The green mindset starts with a company's employees. Without them, no sustainable processes can be implemented and no sustainable products can be brought to market. Thus, TOPREGAL regularly encourages its employees to develop sustainable concepts and ideas for respectful interaction with each other and with nature.

We are careful to produce as little waste as possible. Thus, returned products that can be repaired are actually repaired and not disposed of. In each case, the following question is asked: Can the device be repaired? If there is a possibility, it will be repaired. We owe this to our customers as well as to our environment. If it is no longer possible to use a device due to excessive damage, it is dismantled professionally, and usable parts are reused in other devices of the same type. With the help of such upcycling measures TOPREGAL tries to act economically as well as ecologically responsible.

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Green location policy

The entire flat roof of our newest warehouse location in Pasewalk (54,000 sqft) was equipped with photovoltaic systems with the aim of realizing a self-sufficient energy economy. With 509,062 kWh/year, this system generates enough electricity for the daily needs of the halls, for all vehicles, for charging stations for employee vehicles and social areas. During the day, of course, the electricity is used for the electric vehicles and for the operation of the warehouses. Surplus energy is not fed directly into the grid but is bundled on site in a buffer storage with a capacity of 203.4 kWh. This is used at night, among other things, to operate the air-source heat pump and supply the janitor's apartment with electricity. In total, this innovative technology saves 320 tons of carbon dioxide that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere.

Pasewalk will thus become a pioneer of green engineering in the field of warehouse logistics. Thus, a large number of trees will also be planted, and many more green areas will be provided with benches and trash cans, not only to meet the ecological but also the social sustainability.