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WIPEKET Logowipeket stands for cleanliness. Inside and outside, in narrow aisles and on large surfaces. With wipeket's scrubber dryer machines and the wet-dry vacuum cleaner, you cover a wide range of cleaning needs. With an area performance between 12,900 sqft/h and 35,500 sqft/h our scrubber dryers clean your surfaces in an optimal way. Thereby the application possibilities are very diverse. There is a suitable cleaning device for every case: If furniture, shelves, or interiors need to be cleaned of damp dirt, our practical wet and dry vacuum cleaner, the NTS80, is perfect for those needs. The large ride-on scrubber dryer is designed for larger indoor or outdoor areas. With this range of cleaning equipment, you can cover a wide variety of cleaning needs.

Removing dirt: quickly and reliably

small scrubber-driers

Flexible cleaning performance for every case. This puts wipeket ahead of the competition. With the small scrubber-driers of our house brand you remove dust, soil and even liquids from concrete floors, tiles, terrazzo, PVC and much more. Our dynamically compact sweepers are designed to clean corners, edges, and narrow hallways without leaving any residue. Depending on the dirt to be removed, the wiping lips, sweeping brush and suction motor can be switched on and off variably and have various cleaning modes. If the dirt is particularly stubborn or not on a floor space, our practical water vacuum cleaner with tilting chassis can be used. With enormous suction power, the vacuum cleaner easily removes sand, debris and much more. For medium to large indoor surfaces, we recommend our small wipeket ride-on scrubber-dryer, the SWA70, which gives you a large area performance at a fair price.

Sustainable cleaning

Wet and dry vacuum cleaner

Each of our machines has its own special application field and is equipped with its own specialized functions. This enables the wipeket brand to offer the right solution for every cleaning need. The beautifully designed products are designed for a long service life and are therefore extremely efficient. Safely clean, enormously efficient and ecological is what the products of wipeket are. Each of them electrically driven. Either with cable or with exchangeable batteries. Each of them unique, durable and low in maintenance. The electric drive also gives you the opportunity to do something good for the environment and your employees. This means that the machines from wipeket are not only emission-free, but also low in noise. This ensures a pleasant working climate and thus a good atmosphere.

Uniquely ergonomic

Scrubber dryer SWM20E

Efficiency and ergonomics combined in one machine. That is the goal of wipeket. Whether it is the cleaning process with a scrubber-dryer that needs to be pushed or with a ride-on machine, or the additional to do’s such as filling the fresh water tank, emptying the waste water tank or replacing the cleaning brush. At wipeket we try to relieve stress and that as little lifting as possible is required. With innovative practical solutions, such as the waste water hose or a drawbar that can be adjusted in several stages, the goals of efficiency and ergonomics can be combined. This is good for the wallet as well as the employee. wipeket: efficiency, ergonomics, flexibility. Simply a clean solution for every cleaning job.

Excellent service as a hygiene factor

Ride-on scrubber dryer

Not only our scrubber dryers and vacuum cleaners ensure cleanliness in your company. Our service is also impressive. For example, we offer easy-to-change battery sets as spare parts for our battery-powered machines. Also cleaning brushes, cleaning and polishing pads, wiping bars and wiping lips, as well as chargers can be purchased easily from wipeket. For our NTS80 we also offer the especially close-meshed filter, as well as the water suction attachment as spare parts. Herewith you are optimally equipped for every cleaning possibility. We also offer a great customer service. This means that no wish remains unfulfilled should a part fail or become damaged. Our experts will also be happy to advise you on our products so that you can find the right cleaning machine for your needs. Whether it is a ride-on scrubber dryer with a large area performance, a scrubber-dryer as a walk-behind cleaning machine for narrow paths or a wet-dry vacuum cleaner for the really stubborn dirt. With the excellent advice of our wipeket product experts you will quickly find what you are looking for and can clean your area with the optimal cleaning device. wipeket is your competent partner when it comes to surface cleaning.

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