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Several tons of stored goods are moved in the warehouse every day. Lift trucks are particularly suitable for fast and back-friendly transport if pallet racks are in the warehouse. In this case, the forks of the pallet truck drive under the load to be moved and the load is lifted in a few seconds by means of a manual tiller lift, in the case of a classic hand pallet truck.

Equipped with suitable rollers - a larger steering wheel under the drawbar and smaller fork rollers in the fork shoe - the lift truck moves best on smooth ground.

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You can see the hand pallet truck from the front.
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Lifting equipment belongs in every warehouse

Traditionally, goods in warehouses and production facilities are moved by a hand pallet truck or forklift. The simplest and most durable form is the manual - i.e., muscle-powered - pallet truck. Perfectly suited for the simple transport of pallets or similar transport goods that can be moved underneath. A manual pallet truck can score points especially in terms of price, because compared to electrically operated and larger models, a manual pallet truck is inexpensive to purchase. It also does not require a power supply or intensive maintenance. Furthermore, no special driver's license is necessary, and the handling is easy and self-explanatory. These are just a few of many reasons why such a model should not be missing in any warehouse with, for example, pallet racks. It makes sense that these racks are equipped with rack collision protection - for commercial operations.

Construction and operation of a manual pallet truck

A manually operated pallet truck consists of an operating element called a tiller, a fork and rollers. The rollers are distinguished between the caster under the tiller and the fork rollers, which are found in the front areas of the fork. The material of a lift truck has to withstand a lot and is therefore preferably also made of insensitive steel - often powder-coated with a highly visible color. For easy maintenance of the hydraulics, there is often a so-called grease nipple on the side of the lift truck. The control element has a lever built into the handle that controls whether the load is raised or lowered. To lift the load, the fork is moved completely under the pallet. Then the lever in the control element is lowered and the fork is raised to the desired height by lifting the tiller. Lowering is done by pressing the lever.

The best of forklift and pallet truck combined in a high lift truck

There are many reasons for purchasing a high lift truck: the hand pallet truck is no longer sufficient in terms of lifting height, there is no space or driver for a forklift truck, or the lifting height is only required occasionally, so that the purchase of a forklift truck is not worthwhile... No matter the reason, a high lift truck fills that exact gap. The lift height is greater by far, but the handling and space requirements are just like a hand pallet truck. The tiller controls the lift and on casters, a high lift truck can perfectly complete smaller distances in the warehouse or production line. The pallet or the goods to be moved are also moved underneath with the two forks and can easily be loaded onto a van.

Efficiency is decided by the accessories

With our practical accessories for lifting equipment, you can now not only lift, transport, and store goods. With the crane scale, your lift truck can be transformed into a weight measuring station and with the small ramp you can create paths for trolleys and carts. So, you are equipped for different applications and ready to use your lifting equipment flexibly. All accessories listed here are compatible with both forklifts and other lifting equipment. Are you looking for more accessories for your forklift? Then take a look at the forklift accessories category and discover, for example, our load hook or the practical work basket.

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