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Battery strapping set pro: professional strapping tool incl. spare battery and PET strapping band, TecMaschin

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Technical data
Article No. 223331-US
  • Model
  • Clamping force
    2,800 N
  • Bandwidth
    0.51 in - 0.63 in
  • Battery life
    8 h
  • Charging time
    1.5 h
  • Length
    5,741.47 ft
Delivery volume
  • 1 x strapping tool professional HU-P1316 incl. spare battery
  • 1 x PET strap 5,741.47 ft Length
  • Guaranteed compatibility thanks to matched components
  • High tensioning force ensures secure shipping
  • Incredible tensile strength of up to 4,020 N
  • Robust and durable design

Strap with power and efficiency

The hand strapping tool HU-P1316 convinces with a high tensioning speed of 7.87 in/s and a tensioning force of 2,800 N. Power and efficiency are therefore guaranteed with this product, with its integrated tensioning and sealing function.

Thanks to the ergonomic placement of the buttons, the device can be easily operated with one hand. The welding process is started simply by pressing the upper button. Afterwards, the tape can be shortened by pressing the side switch to remove excess material. Once the friction welding process is complete and the friction lock is tight, the strapping tool can be easily released by pulling the lower lever. Thus, within a few seconds, commissioned goods and packages are tied with force and safe for dispatch.

The strapping tool is designed for straps made of PET (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) with a width of 0.51 - 0.63 in and a thickness of 0.02 - 0.047 in. By default, the strapping tool is set for PET straps. The changeover to PP strapping is made with the enclosed mounting material. Only a temperature of 59 - 68 °F is required for the welding process, which eliminates the risk of burns. In order to achieve an optimum result, the tensioning force and the welding time are infinitely variable electronically.

As the unit produces a weld seam, no additional sealing sleeves are required. This saves space and operating costs.

Flexible and easy to handle

Thanks to the removable battery, the unit can be used without a cable, which results in very good handling and a high degree of freedom of movement. The spare battery is charged while you continue working with the unit. This allows the HU-P1316 to be used flexibly at different locations. The power-saving one-hand operation not only ensures efficiency and ergonomics at the workplace, but also easy tensioning and sealing of the strapping, horizontally, vertically or overhead. The handy rubber handle ensures a good grip and thus a pleasant feel. Due to the robust body, minor impacts are no problem. The tool has an extremely stable design and is therefore a sustainable investment.

This means that no strapping task is too difficult or too tedious.

Everything you need from a single source

Just like the HU-P1316 itself, the accessories are also top class. In addition to the strapping tool, you also receive a battery as a replacement. This provides additional working capacity and prevents annoying waiting times while the tool is charging. The batteries allow you to seal 200 - 300 seams and last approx. 8 h long when used continuously. In addition, the accompanying charger, which fully recharges the batteries within 1.5 h, is also included.

This makes you all the more efficient and you don't lose valuable effective working time.

Excellent service for the professional

The HU-P1316 is not only an absolute professional tool, but also our service around the powerful hand strapping tool is impressive.

Our TecMaschin Experts offer advice and expertise, even after the purchase, when it comes to adjusting the tool or minor sealing challenges. If faults occur, the unit has been damaged during shipment or it simply does not work, it can be sent to us for maintenance. Our technicians will then work flat out to get the unit up and running again quickly. This offer is also valid after a longer period of use.

With this service, you are well provided for and on the safe side.

Tear-proof and secure packaging

With TecMaschin PET (polyethylene terephthalate) strapping, you can safely pack stock and consignment goods with strapping up to 5,741.47 ft and a very high tear strength of 4,020 N. This means it can withstand the toughest shipping requirements.

With its width of 0.61 in and thickness of 0.03 in, it is compatible with all common strapping tools.

Moreover, it is not only its colour that is green. It is, in fact, fully recyclable, making it an environmentally sustainable choice for your business.

With this professional set, you have everything you need to carry out your packaging tasks quickly and reliably.

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