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Height-adjustable desks


Ergonomics in the workplace is on everyone's mind and is the most important factor for a healthy office routine. An individually height-adjustable desk promotes a healthy posture through a balanced mix of sitting and movement. 

Our sit-stand desks are electrically height adjustable, and three levels can be permanently set.

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Why you should use a height-adjustable desk

We perform more and more activities in the office or at the desk. The widespread disease back pain and neck tension occur more frequently, especially for people who spend 8 hours or more a day sitting. Even if the most important ergonomic rules are observed (straight posture, knees/elbows at right angles, screen orientation, etc.), one should ensure sufficient movement at the workplace so that the body does not permanently adapt to the sitting posture and muscles and vision shorten. The short walks to the kitchen or meeting room is not enough, since we also spend the meeting sitting at the conference table or on conference chairs. The advantages of a height-adjustable desk, often called a sit-stand desk, in direct comparison with a desk that is adjusted in height to the user only once after purchase, are enormous and we will give you many good reasons to part with your old desk.

An electric height-adjustable desk - productivity and health at the touch of a button

The term "ergonomics at work" is the top hit in the list of suggestions when searching the web. This is precisely where this flexible desk scores: electrically height-adjustable at the touch of a button, and in just a few seconds. This allows users to reduce their daily sitting time in the office without sacrificing productivity. Because even when standing, work at the desk can be done in this way and the back and the muscles in the thigh are stretched and thus also supplied with blood. This gets the circulation going, stretches the back and generally promotes movement. This in turn leads to increased productivity and satisfaction among your employees, who subsequently suffer less often from postural complaints, as studies by health chambers in recent years have repeatedly shown. Switching to an electrically height-adjustable desk is therefore a worthwhile investment in your company and your employees. Thanks to the possibility of storing the optimum height, the electrically height-adjustable desk MILLA from TOPREGAL can be easily adjusted to the perfect working height. Especially women will be pleased to hear that up to three levels can be stored - so the optimal working height of the desk can be additionally stored even when wearing high heels.

Meetings in the form of a stand-up are more productive and faster

A sit-stand desk invites two or more colleagues to hold a short meeting at the PC together while standing. The advantages of the resulting movement - during an important decision, for example - at the workplace also apply to the colleagues who only stand at your height-adjustable desk for a short period of time; even somewhat intensified, since your colleagues also walk to you first. Another plus point of the standing meeting, or "standup meeting", is that the duration of the meeting is automatically shortened, because who of the participants would like to stand for hours and discuss problems and the distribution of tasks, or not getting to the point of necessary decisions for a long time? You can only do this if you are sitting in a comfortable conference chair with a hot cup of coffee at the conference table and discussing, debating or rolling over problems. A stand-up, held at your own height-adjustable desk, is therefore shorter and more effective.

A sit-stand desk at a fair price

The cost of a height adjustable desk varies widely in the market. Manually adjustable desks (with a crank) are still cheaper than those with electric drive, but our model MILLA can also convince here. Delivery is free of shipping cost.

5 useful tips for working at a height-adjustable desk that can be easily integrated into everyday office life:

  1. Do work between 15 - 60 minutes durations while standing and gladly several times a day.
  2. When coordinating with colleagues at the desk, raise it for a joint stand-up.
  3. Conference calls / longer phone calls can also be done standing up.
  4. Movement while standing is important - incorporate posture changes regularly.
  5. Immediately after setting up the new desk, write appointments/reminders in the electronic calendar that remind you of standing phases.

Do you have further questions? Our experts will be happy to answer them - just send an e-mail.

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