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Platform ladder

The platform ladder is an indispensable piece of equipment that provides safe access to elevated workstations in many areas. Ideally, a platform ladder is therefore characterized by its stability on the one hand and its mobility on the other. Finally, a platform ladder that is both mobile and stable is a practical variant that is used particularly in industrial environments and warehouses to overcome heights flexibly and efficiently - for example, to easily reach the top shelves of large heavy-duty racks, pallet racks and other storage racks.

The ideal platform ladder: mobile, ergonomic, safe and stable

Platform ladders are special ladders that have a spacious platform or landing that allows the user to stand and work in a stable position. This is particularly important when work has to be carried out at height over a long period of time. The design of the platform ladder not only ensures safety, but also comfort, which significantly increases the efficiency of the work. A narrow standing width is also desirable so that there is also sufficient freedom of movement for other employees in the corridor and they can carry out their usual activities without restriction.

The mobile platform ladder goes one step further by being equipped with castors or wheels. These make it easy to move the ladder without having to dismantle and reassemble it every time. This is particularly advantageous in large warehouses or production facilities where different work areas need to be reached quickly.

Whether the platform ladder is mobile or not: at TOPREGAL, all models in the range comply with the applicable legal requirements, such as the EN 131 standard, which regulates the most important aspects for ladders in private or professional use.