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Cleaning machine

A plastering machine is a mechanical device for cleaning floors and other surfaces that is used in private households as well as in commercial and industrial areas. The choice of the right cleaning machine depends on the specific requirements and the surfaces to be cleaned. There are different types of cleaning machines for different cleaning tasks:

  1. Floor cleaning machines: These specialized cleaning machines include vacuum cleaners, wet/dry vacuums and floor polishing machines. These appliances are specially designed for cleaning floors and carpets.
  2. Scrubber-driers: They clean floors thoroughly by applying cleaning agents, scrubbing mechanically and sucking up the dirty water. Scrubber dryers are particularly effective for hard floor coverings such as tiles, stone or concrete and are suitable for high-traffic areas.
  3. Ride-on sweepers: These larger machines are controlled by a seated operator and are ideal for cleaning large indoor and outdoor areas such as industrial warehouses, airport terminals and parking lots. Ride-on sweepers sweep up dirt and debris and collect it in an integrated container.
  4. Carpet cleaning machines: These cleaning machines are designed to deep clean carpets. They spray on a cleaning solution, brush it in and vacuum up the dirty water to remove deep-seated dirt and stains.

Cleaning machines are indispensable tools in modern cleaning technology and help to improve cleanliness and hygiene. There is a suitable machine for every cleaning task, whether hand-held machines for smaller areas or larger ride-on machines and scrubber-driers for large areas.

Buy cleaning machines from TOPREGAL

TOPREGAL offers a wide range of floor cleaning machines for different areas of application. The selection ranges from battery-powered ride-on sweepers for indoor and outdoor use to small, maneuverable scrubber-driers such as the SWM20E, SWM30 and SWM33 for narrow indoor areas. For larger areas, the SWA70 ride-on scrubber dryer and the AKM80 ride-on sweeper. The wet/dry vacuum cleaner NTS80 is ideal for heavy soiling on various surfaces. The cleaning machines are efficient, easy to handle and offer high area performance, varying speeds and large dirt containers to ensure thorough and quick cleaning.