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Cleaning devices

Cleaning equipment is an essential tool in warehouse environments and workshops to ensure that they are always kept clean and tidy. In areas where a lot of dirt, dust and waste is generated every day, powerful cleaning equipment is therefore indispensable. They contribute to work safety as well as efficiency and productivity. There are different types of cleaning equipment that can be selected depending on requirements and area of application. These are the most common types of cleaning machines for warehouses, workshops, etc:

  • Scrubber dryers: These cleaning machines are particularly effective for thoroughly cleaning floors. They combine scrubbing and vacuuming in one step, making the cleaning process more efficient and time-saving. They are ideal for heavily soiled floors in industrial and warehouse environments.
  • Wet/dry vacuum cleaners: These versatile cleaning machines are suitable for vacuuming both dry dirt and liquids. They are therefore robust and ideal for use in places where liquids are frequently spilled.
  • Ride-on sweepers: These cleaning machines are designed to clean large areas and are driven rather than pushed. This makes them ideal for large warehouses and outdoor industrial areas. Their large working width and high capacity make them particularly efficient for intensive cleaning tasks.

Cleaning machines are therefore indispensable tools in modern cleaning technology, helping to improve cleanliness and hygiene. There is a suitable appliance for every cleaning task - whether hand-held machines for smaller areas or larger ride-on machines and scrubber-dryers for large areas.

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