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Cleaning machines

Cleaning machines are indispensable tools for the care and maintenance of warehouse environments, workshops and other industrial premises. They not only ensure cleanliness and hygiene, but also contribute to safety and efficiency in the workplace. In such environments, the accumulation of dirt, dust and other contaminants is unavoidable, which is why powerful cleaning machines for floors and the like are essential.

Floor cleaning machines for warehouses and workshops

Floor cleaning machines are specially designed to clean large areas efficiently and thoroughly - a task that could hardly be accomplished manually. The most common types of cleaning machines used for floors therefore include scrubber dryers, wet/dry vacuum cleaners and ride-on sweepers. Scrubber-driers combine scrubbing and vacuuming in a single operation, which makes cleaning heavily soiled floors much easier and quicker. Wet/dry vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, offer the flexibility to remove both dry dirt and liquids, making them particularly useful in areas where liquids are regularly spilled. Ride-on machines are the ideal cleaning machines for floors and other large areas, as they provide efficient cleaning in warehouses and workshops thanks to their high capacity and working width. Investing in high-quality floor cleaning machines therefore helps to improve cleanliness and hygiene, as well as safety and productivity in the workplace. Companies that buy such cleaning equipment therefore benefit from faster and more effective cleaning, which leads to greater efficiency and lower operating costs in the long term.

Buy cleaning equipment from TOPREGAL

If companies want to buy cleaning equipment, TOPREGAL offers a wide range of high-quality cleaning machines under the wipeket brand, which are specially tailored to the needs of industrial environments. Wipeket stands for innovative solutions and powerful machines that impress with their efficiency and durability. The range includes scrubber dryers, wet/dry vacuum cleaners and sweepers that have been developed for a wide variety of cleaning requirements. These machines are characterized by their easy handling, robust construction and high performance, making them ideal for daily use in warehouses, workshops and production facilities.