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Pallet wrapper

Pallet wrappers are indispensable devices in operating technology for modern logistics and warehousing. They are designed to wrap pallets with stretch film in order to secure the goods stacked on them and stabilize them for transport or storage. Wrapped pallets and the goods stored in them are safely and reliably protected from falling over, damage and dirt during transportation or storage. For this purpose, pallet wrappers consist of a kind of turntable and a pole to which the roll of stretch film is attached. Thanks to the use of a pallet wrapper, both the efficiency of warehouse operations is increased and the safety of the goods is improved. But how does it all work?

Using a pallet wrapper with turntable: Here's how it works

To use, the pallet is placed on the pallet wrapper or turntable, which then starts to rotate while the stretch film wraps around the pallet. This automated process ensures an even and tight wrap that holds the goods securely in place. Basically, there are different types of pallet wrappers to suit different needs and applications. Semi-automatic pallet wrappers require some manual operation, while fully automatic models can carry out the entire wrapping process independently. Some advanced models offer additional functions such as pre-stretching the film to minimize material consumption and save costs.

Buy pallet wrappers from TOPREGAL

If you want to buy a pallet wrapper, you should ideally look for a robust design so that you can use the device for as long as possible. The best example of this is the PWS1650 pallet wrapper from TecMaschin - available to buy from TOPREGAL, of course! This model can be operated manually or program-controlled as required. Regardless of which setting you choose, you can wrap 40 pallets per hour with the PWS1650 without any physical effort and also save money thanks to the 250% stretch of the film. Buying a pallet wrapper is therefore an investment that will pay off in the long term. You can load our pallet wrapper or its turntable with up to 2,000 kilograms, whereby the pallets can have a maximum height of 1.95 meters. And the best thing is that when you buy the PWS 1650 pallet wrapper, it comes to you fully assembled so that it is ready for use straight out of the box and can be used for your purposes.