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Pallet fork

A pallet fork is a practical attachment for transport and lifting equipment, such as tractors. Accordingly, the pallet fork is used in particular in agriculture, the construction industry and warehouse environments. It enables the safe transportation of heavy loads such as pallets, building materials and agricultural products such as bales and other large-volume objects. Ideally, the pallet fork is therefore usually made of robust steel and is mounted on a support frame that can be attached to various devices depending on the application, including forklift trucks, loaders and, above all, tractors.

The pallet fork for three-point pick-up

The PT700 pallet fork for three-point linkage from TecMaschin consists of a solid steel frame that enables a load capacity of up to 700 kilograms. With this equipment, you can effortlessly lift and transport large and heavy goods such as hay bales. A tractor with an engine output of just 20 hp and a three-point linkage at the rear is all you need. Despite its robust design, the PT700 from TecMaschin is remarkably light at just 72 kilograms, which makes mounting the pallet fork on the tractor particularly easy. Its width can also be flexibly adjusted to safely transport different pallets or pallet cages. It can also be folded up if required, which makes transportation and storage considerably easier.

Order pallet forks for tractors from TOPREGAL

A pallet fork for tractors extends the functionality of agricultural vehicles in an extremely useful way. It offers an efficient and versatile solution for load transportation in warehouses, agriculture and other businesses in similar industries. Place your order with us today to benefit from the numerous applications of the pallet fork for three-point linkage and enjoy our first-class service in addition to the high-quality product.