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Packing table

A packing table is a versatile piece of furniture used in various industrial and commercial environments to enable efficient packing, sorting and shipping of goods. In warehouses in particular, the packing table plays a crucial role in order processing. Employees can systematically pack products and prepare them for dispatch. For example, the packing table is an indispensable element in warehouses, shipping departments and production facilities where high work performance and precision are required.

The packing table system for the warehouse

With its individual modules, our packing table system for warehouses offers all the customization options you could wish for. Thanks to the modular system, there are a wide range of possible combinations for your packing table, in which you can also practically store small parts in the selectable tool cabinets, for example. Of course, the dimensions of the packing table system can also be freely selected - even with a height-adjustable module. You can also choose between different supports for the ideal packing table system in your warehouse. In this respect, we offer you classic wooden shelves as well as innovative sloping shelves and high-quality multiplex boards. Even subsequent adjustments are possible at any time with a flexible packing table system. Among other things, the height of the table's crossbars can be adjusted in increments of 25 millimetres so that it always meets the specific requirements.

Packing tables with castors - practical helpers in the warehouse

Packing tables with castors are particularly helpful as they allow flexible positioning within the work area. This is particularly advantageous in environments where space requirements change regularly or when a quick reorganization is required. The mobility of the packing table with castors allows work processes to be optimized and bottlenecks to be effectively avoided.