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Multiplex plate

A multiplex board is a versatile building material that consists of several thin layers of wood that are glued together. This construction principle gives the multiplex board exceptional stability and load-bearing capacity. The individual layers are arranged in such a way that the wood fibers run alternately in the longitudinal and transverse directions. This results in high strength in both directions and the board is less susceptible to warping. The surface of a multiplex board can be designed differently depending on the intended use, from smooth and untreated to textured or coated. Due to its robust structure and versatility, multiplex board is used in a variety of areas, from furniture and interior design to the construction of shelves and floors to cladding in the construction industry. Water-resistant versions of multiplex boards are particularly popular and widespread because they are suitable for outdoor use and can withstand moisture and the effects of weathering.

The multiplex board for shelving

A multiplex board for shelving with a high-quality finish is ideally tailored to the requirements of industrial workstations or workshops. Made from robust beech wood, the multiplex board in a waterproof design from TOPREGAL is characterized by its high stability and load-bearing capacity. Despite its low weight, the surface is extremely robust and resistant. A liquid-repellent surface treatment with hard wax oil makes the Multiplex board waterproof and effectively protects the wood from the penetration of oil, water and other liquids, which increases the longevity of the board.

The modular system allows a high degree of flexibility in the design of shelving and workstations. Specifically, Multiplex worktops are designed for shelving or as worktops for workbenches, packing tables and work tables. With its dimensions, it fits perfectly with other products in our wide range of equipment for warehouses, workshops and the like, for example on the MFW1000 multifunctional workbench and in storage racks. Thanks to its high-quality finish and functional properties, the multiplex board is the ideal choice for use in workshops, warehouses and other work environments where stability, durability and resistance to liquids are required.