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Waste separation system

A waste separation system is a structured method of waste collection and disposal that aims to separate waste into different categories to enable efficient recycling and disposal. An effective waste separation system is crucial for sustainable and environmentally friendly waste management in the business - whether in the warehouse, workshop or office. There are numerous benefits to implementing a practical waste separation system, including reducing the amount of waste generated, encouraging the recycling of raw materials and reducing the negative environmental impact of sending non-recyclable waste to landfill. In order to effectively implement a waste separation system, clear communication about the different categories of waste, their disposal methods and the importance of waste separation is a crucial factor in the success of this endeavor.

Waste separation system - 3-way or 4-way

A waste separation system with a 3-bin container design enables packaging waste, residual waste and paper waste to be separated quickly and, above all, easily. The clear assignment of waste types is ensured by the color-coded flaps in blue, black and yellow. This allows team members in the warehouse to immediately recognize which waste belongs in which bin. An effective closing mechanism for the opening flaps also prevents the spread of unpleasant odors that can arise when disposing of waste. The built-in cylinder locks make it possible to lock the colored doors and thus control access.

In addition to the waste separation system with 3 compartments, our range also offers models with four individual containers. The additional container with green flap offers sufficient space for organic waste.

Regardless of whether the waste separation system is in a 3-bin or 4-bin version: Ideally, it is made of a robust and impact-resistant stainless steel, which makes it ideal for use in hallways, aisles, corridors and other areas. This makes it ideal for use in schools, office buildings, warehouses and public facilities. In no time at all, you can ensure orderly and clean waste separation and automatically contribute to efficient waste management in a wide variety of environments.

Waste disposal system for the warehouse

Order the MTS90 or MT120 waste disposal system from TOPREGAL. The waste garbage cans included in the waste disposal system each have a volume of 30 liters and can be easily removed and emptied using the practical handles. With an extremely low tare weight of just 21.9 kilograms, the MTS90 waste disposal system is also particularly easy to transport. The dimensions of 980 × 360 × 900 millimetres make it easy to set up in different environments. The attractive appearance blends harmoniously into almost any room.