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A warehouse is a specially designed building that is used to store goods and products of various kinds safely and efficiently. The warehouse acts as a central location for the temporary storage of goods before they are processed, shipped or sold. Furthermore, its function is to manage the goods stored in the warehouse, ensure the availability of products and guarantee a smooth flow of goods. As such, a warehouse is an essential part of the logistics and supply chain for many businesses, particularly in sectors such as retail, manufacturing and many other industries. Typically, a warehouse consists of a large, open interior space that can be flexibly designed to meet the storage requirements of different businesses. The structure of a warehouse can vary depending on requirements, from small facilities to huge complexes with several thousand square meters of space.

Shelving as the heart of the warehouse

Shelving is an essential component in warehouses, as it enables goods to be stored easily and clearly, making optimum use of the available space. Shelving for warehouses is generally available in different sizes and designs to best meet the respective storage requirements. They can be made of metal, wood or plastic and are generally designed to carry heavy loads. Shelving in warehouses is often used to store pallets, boxes or containers and allows for efficient organization and easy accessibility of stored goods.

Configure warehouse shelving

Storage racks are indispensable elements in the warehouse. Their use makes optimum use of the available space, resulting in improved storage capacity and organization. Companies can thus optimize their operational processes and ensure smooth logistics. When planning and operating warehouses, including the selection of the right storage racks it is crucial to consider the company's requirements and the best possible use of racking to ensure efficient warehouse management. For this reason, we offer a variety of different configurators for the different types of racking for the warehouse: from the pallet racking configurator to the warehouse shelving configurator to the cantilever rack configurator.