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Tractor accessories

Tractors are powerful agricultural machines that play a central role in agriculture and construction. To maximize their versatility and efficiency, tractor accessories are used, which our store also offers alongside pallet racks, storage racks, heavy-duty racks and more. These accessories range from simple tools to complex attachments designed specifically for certain tasks.

Pallet forks for tractors

Pallet forks for tractors extend the functionality of agricultural vehicles in an extremely useful way. The main function of pallet forks for tractors is to safely lift, transport and stack heavy loads, especially pallets, bales or other large-volume objects. For this purpose, these tractor accessories from our store are made of solid steel, which enables a load capacity of up to 700 kilograms. The low weight of just 72 kilograms and the compact dimensions ensure easy assembly. The pallet forks for tractors from TecMaschin can also be flexibly adjusted in width as required to safely transport different pallets and pallet cages. They can also be folded up, which makes both the transportation and storage of these tractor accessories from our store much easier.

Auger for tractors

As its name suggests, an auger for tractors is designed to drill precise holes in the ground - regardless of whether it is soft or hard soil. Our soil auger for tractors with a maximum diameter of 300 millimetres has a drilling depth of up to 600 millimetres. Both the tips and the cutting edges are made of hardened steel, which makes it possible to work efficiently and effortlessly even on hard ground. Thanks to its weight of 24 kilograms, this cultivator for tractors is also easy to handle, making it the ideal solution for sinking stakes and posts into the ground.

Cultivator for small tractors

A cultivator, as a tractor accessory from our store, is used to efficiently cultivate and loosen the soil in agricultural areas. By using this device, fields can be loosened quickly and thoroughly, fertilizer can be mixed effectively with the soil and the structure of the soil can be broken up to improve water permeability. To achieve this, the cultivator has six curved steel tines with hardened tips that penetrate the soil to a depth of 30 centimetres to ensure optimum soil cultivation. The arrangement and spacing of these tines can be flexibly adjusted for varying results and requirements. With a working width of up to 1,100 mm, this cultivator is particularly suitable for working small to medium-sized fields.