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Ride-on sweeper

A ride-on sweeper is a specialized cleaning machine designed for the efficient cleaning of large indoor and outdoor areas. This is why a ride-on swe eper is often used in industrial facilities, warehouses, parking lots, shopping centers and other large spaces. These machines offer a time-saving and effective solution for removing dust, dirt, leaves and other debris. Thanks to built-in, fine dust filters, microplastics and fine dust pollution can also be reduced.

Ride-on sweeper - cleaning storage areas electrically

A ride-on sweeper can be operated electrically, for example. These models have the great advantage of being more environmentally friendly because they do not produce any emissions and also produce less noise. This makes them particularly suitable for use in enclosed spaces or in environments where noise pollution should be kept to a minimum. A ride-on sweeper in electric mode is also more energy-efficient than other variants with a combustion engine or gas or compressed air drive. In this way, it can contribute to a long-term and sustainable reduction in operating costs. This means that both the business and the team benefit equally from investing in an electrically powered ride-on sweeper.

The battery-powered ride-on sweeper from wipeket

The ride-on sweeper from wipeket is electric and enables cordless cleaning of indoor and outdoor surfaces thanks to four maintenance-free rechargeable batteries, each with 12 volts. The battery-operated cleaning machine has a cleaning performance of 8,400 m²/h and an operating speed of eight kilometers per hour - for up to three hours at a time with a fully charged battery set. The 80 liter dust tank also pays off here.