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Retractable bollards

Retractable bollards are the technical variants of classic impact protection or collision protection. Among other things, they are used to regulate traffic and access to certain areas. These retractable bollards can be made of various materials such as stainless steel, aluminum or concrete and are often used in urban environments, shopping malls, residential areas and other public spaces. The main purpose of retractable bollards is to control vehicle traffic, prevent unwanted access and ensure the protection and safety of people or property.

Retractable bollards: how they work and areas of application

The way retractable bollards work is simple but effective. Retractable bollards can be operated either manually or automatically. Automatic models are usually controlled by electrical systems. An example of this is the electric bollard, which is driven by an electric motor. The electric bollard can be lowered automatically by pressing a switch or remote control. It can also be raised out of the ground or lowered back into the ground at the touch of a button.

The areas of application for retractable electric bollards are diverse. They offer a flexible solution for traffic control and allow access to certain areas to be quickly restricted or released as required. They also help to increase security by acting as a physical barrier against unauthorized access or potential threats. In urban areas in particular, they help to protect pedestrian areas and direct traffic.

Order electric bollards from TOPREGAL

Electric bollards are available from TOPREGAL from the quality brand TecMaschin This useful stainless steel bollard with a height of 600 millimetres is ideal for temporarily blocking driveways, company premises or public areas. This effectively prevents cars, trucks and other larger vehicles from using your driveway. The elegant stainless steel cylinder of the bollard blends discreetly and harmoniously into almost any environment. The LED strip at the top of the retractable bollard allows you to create visual highlights. This strip allows you to individually adjust the color and brightness by simply pressing a button, which contributes to safety as the bollard is both retractable and visible in the dark. The control box allows you to fully extend or retract the cylinder in just three seconds using the associated remote control.