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Hydraulic hammer

Hydraulic breakers are attachments for mini-excavators or classic excavators that are used to destroy components in a similar way to pneumatic hammers. They are powerful tools that are used in the construction industry to break hard surfaces such as stone, concrete, asphalt or rock. Accordingly, hydraulic breakers are often used in demolition and construction work to crush hard materials precisely and efficiently. Hydraulic breakers for mini-excavators, for example, are used in particular for projects where space is limited in order to achieve optimum performance even in confined spaces.

Hydraulic breakers for mini excavators - numerous advantages at a glance

Hydraulic breakers for mini-excavators consist of a robust metal housing containing a piston mechanism. The energy required for breaking is generated by hydraulic pressure. The device is connected to the carrier vehicle, in this case a mini-excavator, via hydraulic hoses. It is operated by the mini-excavator operator, who can control the precision and force of the hydraulic breaker.

The use of a hydraulic breaker for mini-excavators offers numerous advantages. Firstly, the compact size of the mini excavator allows it to be used in areas where space is limited, such as courtyards or urban construction sites. Secondly, the hydraulic technology provides efficient power transmission, enabling the hydraulic breaker to deliver impressive performance even in confined spaces. This speeds up the work process and increases productivity.

Hydraulic breakers for mini excavators are therefore indispensable tools in the modern construction industry. Their versatility, efficiency and precision make them a preferred choice for demolition and construction projects where powerful yet compact equipment is required.