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Dump truck

Dump trucks are indispensable attachments for vehicles used in the construction industry and other sectors to efficiently transport and unload bulk materials such as soil, gravel or sand, as well as waste and other materials. For this purpose, dump trucks consist of a robust body that is firmly connected to a frame and can be attached to various carrier vehicles such as excavators or forklift trucks. The ergonomic design and tipping function make dump trucks easy to operate and enable the material to be emptied in a targeted manner. A dump truck therefore facilitates material transportation and increases efficiency on construction sites and in production halls, making it an indispensable tool for everyday use.

Dump trucks with castors

Dump trucks with castors offer additional mobility and flexibility in numerous working environments. The integration of large castors made of high-quality polyurethane makes it easier to maneuver the dump truck, as they provide a smooth ride on various surfaces. These castors are shock-resistant and quiet, allowing the tipper to be used in sensitive environments. The castors allow the user to move the dump truck effortlessly from one place to another - even over obstacles such as kerbs or steps. This makes the work process more efficient and increases productivity. A dump truck with wheels is particularly suitable for applications where high mobility and flexibility are required.

Buy dump trucks from TOPREGAL

The best place to buy dump trucks is TOPREGAL. Our skip handlers with castors from the quality brand SolidHub are characterized by their ergonomic design and robust construction, which ensures easy handling and a long service life. The handle height and the tipping function of the skip handler with castors also ensure ergonomics by enabling comfortable operation. A practical lever at waist height is used to unlock the latching function, making it easier to empty the tipping container. The powder-coated body of the tipper body is extremely robust and resistant to impacts, which underlines its durability and reliability. In addition, a guaranteed supply of spare parts and customer service is available to ensure long-term use when you buy your dump truck from us.