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Crane scale

A crane scale is a specialized measuring instrument used in industrial applications to accurately determine the weight of loads during lifting operations with lifting equipment such as forklifts, pallet trucks and the like. Mainly used in conjunction with cranes, the crane scale enables precise load measurements for various industries such as construction, logistics and heavy industry, where it has consistently proven to be an indispensable tool. Accurate measurements of loads are essential in these industries not only for efficiency, but also for the safety of everyone involved.

Crane scale KW-3T from TOPREGAL: the electronic attachment

The KW-3T crane scale from SolidHub is a practical, electronic attachment that is characterized above all by its robust steel and aluminium construction. This ensures a long service life and protects the sensitive electronics inside the KW-3T crane scale. The aluminum housing protects the digital measuring device from bumps and knocks, while the hook made of a strong steel alloy provides a reliable suspension for shackles and ropes.

The crane scale sets standards in load measurement and stands out with its impressive performance and intelligent design. With a load capacity of three tons, it offers the necessary capacity for heavy loads as well as a variety of innovative functions.

At the same time, it is extremely compact and weighs just 11.5 kilograms, making it quick to use and effortless to handle, even with heavy loads.

In addition to its physical robustness, the KW-3T crane scale also scores with intelligent functions that make work considerably easier. The practical remote control, for example, enables convenient control from the ground and offers a range of up to 15 meters. This means that functions such as the tare or hold function can also be used when the crane scale is out of direct range. The integrated hold function also allows values to be stored temporarily, while the anti-jitter function ensures high measuring accuracy. This function eliminates clock jitter during the transmission of digital signals and ensures precise measurement results. An overload warning ensures that the crane scale is used safely and reliably by giving a signal as soon as the maximum load capacity of three tons is reached.