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Set of wiper lips for scrubber dryer SWM30, width 25.2 in, wipeket
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Technical data & downloads
Article No. 123007-ET
  • Model
  • Cleaning capacity
    12.917 ft²/h
  • Mobile
  • Waste water tank
    7,93 gal
  • Fresh water tank
    7,4 gal
  • Energy source
  • Weight
    0,68 lbs
  • Colour
  • Width
    25,2 in
  • Depth
    52,17 in
  • Height
    40,94 in
  • Brush diameter
    16,93 in
  • Tyres
    solid rubber
  • Motor power
    400 W
  • Washing brush pressure
    55 lbs
  • Turning radius
    19,69 in
  • Cable length
    984 in
  • Power
    550 W
  • Voltage
    220 V
Delivery volume
  • 1 x Wiper lip set for the SWM30

The little all-rounder

Easy handling, compact design, but with two large tanks – that’s our SWM30. A real all-rounder when it comes to floor cleaning. Quiet, manoeuvrable and robust, this small scrubber dryer can clean a wide range of surfaces in a variety of rooms.

Flexible, durable, reliable

The floor cleaning machine SWM30 is equipped with two wiper lips, which are attached one behind the other at the rear of the machine. These two lips are designed to be durable, but when accidentally driving over edges or bulk material such as nuts and bolts, it can happen that the wipers are damaged.

For this case, there is now our practical wiper lip set, with which you can increase the effective cleaning time and avoid unwanted failure during working hours. You can fix these spare parts quickly and easily to the fastening bar with the wing screw. This makes changing the rubber lips a matter of a few simple steps.

With their length of 25.2 in, the two wiper lips reliably remove loosened dirt and waste water from the cleaned floor, so that subsequent wiping of the surface is not necessary. The wipers adapt to the surface. This means that the suction bar is optimally supported by the wiper lips and the dirty water can be stored centrally by the system of the scrubber-dryer until disposal.

Therefore, the wiper lip set from wipeket is the optimal addition for your SWM30.

Professional tips:

Clean the wipeket lips regularly with a cloth provided. This will significantly increase the life of the material.

Remove the suction bar of the floor cleaning machine before changing the wiper lips. This makes access easier and improves the positioning of the lips on the bar.

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High cleaning performance, efficient dirt removal and an ergonomic and comfortable working position – these are the principles on which all our cleaning machines are developed and produced. Experience the high quality of wipeket cost-effective cleaning equipment.