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UVV inspection

UVV testing stands for accident prevention regulation testing. This is a regulation of the employers' liability insurance association that serves as an essential instrument for ensuring protection and safety in different working environments. The UVV inspection plays a particularly important role in the context of storage and operating facilities. This includes checking the safety of racking, storage facilities and their use. The safety of racking is of crucial importance as it is directly linked to the stability and safety of warehouse operations. Here, for example, inadequate fastenings or wear and tear can lead to serious accidents in connection with heavy-duty racking, pallet racking and other storage racking. The UVV inspection therefore aims to identify potential risks and hazards in the workplace at an early stage so that they can be effectively eliminated.

UVV inspection and DGUV inspection

In addition to the UVV inspection, the DGUV inspection is also part of a series of safety regulations that companies and organizations in Germany are subject to in order to ensure the health of their employees. DGUV stands for the German Social Accident Insurance. As part of this inspection, compliance with and implementation of safety standards and guidelines in companies are checked in order to prevent accidents at work and occupational illnesses. In particular, work equipment, machines, systems and operational processes are examined for their safety and conformity with legal requirements. The aim is to identify potential risks, eliminate deficiencies and continuously improve occupational safety. The DGUV inspection is therefore a key element in ensuring a safe working environment. Companies and employers are obliged to document the results of these inspections and take appropriate measures to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Rack safety thanks to rack inspections by the professionals

You can ensure the safety of racking and therefore the safety of employees in your company with racking inspections in accordance with applicable regulations, such as DIN EN 15635. We take on the complete inspection of your wide-span shelving, including the affixing of inspection stickers and detailed documentation in an inspection report. In this role, we inspect the racking for various potential defects and damage. Critical damage requires immediate intervention, and serious damage may require immediate action, up to and including the temporary decommissioning of the racking system in accordance with safety regulations. Our team always has the necessary equipment to carry out the most common adjustments directly on site. This allows us to minimize disruption to your business processes and restore the safety of racking in your warehouse. As part of the inspection, we prepare a detailed inspection report and a final report with an action plan that you can use for your documentation.