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Rolling shelf

Mobile shelving is a mobile shelving system that is mounted on castors or wheels to enable flexible and space-saving storage. These shelves with castors are specially designed to be easily moved and transported to different locations.

Mobile shelving is also called mobile shelving. It is usually made of robust materials such as metal or strong plastic and is available in various sizes and designs to meet the different requirements in offices, storage rooms, workshops, libraries and other environments. The wheels or castors are usually lockable to ensure stability when the mobile shelving is in place.

Types and advantages of mobile shelving:

  1. Office mobile shel ving: these are often used to store file folders, documents or office supplies. They are often equipped with lockable doors or drawers.
  2. Library mobile shelving: Specially designed for libraries to store and move books and media efficiently.
  3. Warehouse mobile shelving: These are more robust and suitable for use in warehouses and workshops to store tools, parts and materials.
  4. Kitchen mobile shelving: Used in kitchens or catering establishments to organize food supplies, crockery or cooking utensils.


  • Mobility: shelves with castors can be easily moved, allowing flexibility of use.
  • Space-saving: They offer efficient use of space as they can be rolled aside when needed.
  • Organization: A mobile shelf makes it easier to store and find items systematically.
  • Versatility: Suitable for different applications and environments.

In office environments, TOPREGAL mobile shelving can be used to create temporary work areas or to transport materials. As storage shelving, they help to make better use of space and optimize work flow. In libraries, they enable a flexible arrangement and easy rearrangement of the space. In kitchens, they support organization and quick access to required utensils and supplies.

Ultimately, a mobile shelving unit with castors is a practical and versatile piece of furniture that is useful in many different environments and applications thanks to its mobility and flexibility. At TOPREGAL you will find a large selection of these practical aids for organization and tidiness.