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Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is an indispensable packaging material that is primarily used to protect fragile items during transportation and storage. This material is particularly valued for its shock-absorbing properties, which are created by the air trapped in the numerous small bubbles in the film. In general, bubble wrap offers maximum protection for fragile goods in transit while using as little material as possible.

Buy bubble wrap at TOPREGAL

At TOPREGAL, you can buy bubble wrap with a material thickness of 20 micrometers and a length of 500 meters, which fits easily into standard bubble wrap machines. The thin, yet extremely stable HDPE plastic enables quick filling and sealing. The resulting air cushions are ideal for cushioning fragile items. Thanks to the practical perforation between the 100 x 200 millimetre air cushions, they can be easily distributed across several packages, ensuring clean packaging. A major advantage is that uninflated film can be stored to save space. The best way to buy the right bubble wrap machine for bubble wrap is also in our range of operating technology.

Using a bubble wrap machine: This is how it works

The LPM16 air cushion machine enables fast and efficient filling and sealing of air cushions and bubble wrap. With an impressive productivity of 16 meters per minute, the compact machine completes this task in the shortest possible time. If required, the speed can be reduced to nine meters per minute to achieve optimum results even with challenging materials. The flexible adjustment of temperature and air pressure ensures perfect filling for air cushions of different sizes. The bubble wrap machine is versatile and can process bubble wrap made of various materials such as HDPE, LDPE and polyacrylic. The process is just as simple as the operation itself. The roll of bubble wrap is simply placed on the hanger, threaded through the film guide and inserted into the feeder - a process that takes less than a minute and allows packaging material to be produced immediately.

The air bubble machine from our range of business equipment impresses with its performance as well as its flexibility and user-friendliness. Its quiet operation of just 70 decibels also ensures a pleasant working environment. Thanks to the 170-centimetre power cable, it can be easily connected to any standard power socket. The roll holder with a diameter of 48 millimeters offers space for standard air bubble film rolls. The machine supports bubble wrap with a material thickness of 0.015 to 0.03 millimetres and a maximum roll length of 1,500 meters, giving you a free choice of rolls. Of course, we also offer the right bubble wrap for your requirements. The LPM16 bubble wrap machine is therefore the ideal solution for producing packaging material quickly and efficiently, while offering flexibility, performance and user-friendliness.