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Fully powered electric walkie stacker HE1200/3, 118” Lift, 2600 Lb capacity, SolidHub
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Technical data & downloads
Article No. 222026-US
  • Model
  • Max. Load
    2.646 lbs
  • Mobile
  • Max. Lifting height
    2,76 in - 118,11 in
  • Fork length
    44 in
  • Speed
    2,5 mph
  • Energy source
  • Battery
  • Battery life
    3,5 h
  • Charging time
    7,5 h
  • Weight
    1.016,33 lbs
  • Colour
  • Width
    32,28 in
  • Depth
    68,11 in
  • Height
    79,92 in - 135,83 in
  • Tyres
  • Motor power
    2.200 W
  • Gradeability
    5 % - 7 %
  • Turning radius
    57,48 in
  • Range of application
  • Voltage
    24 V
  • Power
    750 W
  • Capacity
    190 Ah
Delivery volume
  • 1 x electric forklift HE1200/3, SolidHub
  • Turtle mode for a slow and controlled maneuvering
  • 118.11 in lifting height for a fast and secure storage
  • High load capacity, up to 2,646 lbs
  • Internal charger for easy charging at any standard socket
  • Long-life and maintenance-free lead-gel battery
  • Small steering radius and large field of vision due to lateral steering drawbar

The SolidHub electric forklift HE1200/3 is the cost-effective alternative to purchasing a forklift truck. Small businesses in particular may not have the financial means, the space or the appropriately trained personnel to purchase a powerful forklift truck. This is where the HE1200/3 provides the perfect remedy, as it is designed precisely for operation in small and medium-sized businesses that want to move an enormous amount at low cost and with minimum effort.

Thanks to the waterproof control unit, the high-quality processed electronic high-lift truck is perfectly able to cope with the demands of harsh working conditions such as cold, humidity and dust and is ideally suited for temporary use in e.g. cold stores and production halls. The HE1200/3 is not designed for permanent use in cold stores and in rain / humidity.

The SolidHub HE1200/3 assists in transporting, picking and stacking loads up to 2,646 lbs and a lifting height 2.76 - 118.11 in. Due to the low noise level of , even longer work with the electric high lift truck is pleasant.

The dimensions of the manoeuvrable, all-electric high-lift truck are perfect for use in small warehouses and production areas that nevertheless move a few goods a day and also cover distances. However, the mast height (79.92 - 135.83 in) must be taken into account here depending on the extension status.

The ergonomically designed tiller enables user-friendly control of all lifting and lowering functions conveniently via the multifunction tiller knob. All important control instruments such as battery charge indicator, operating hours counter, emergency stop switch and key are centrally located and in the operator's direct field of vision.

Additional protection is provided by the complete enclosure of the vehicle housing, as well as the low ground clearance, thus reducing injuries in the foot area. Due to the low ground clearance, it is important that the HE1200/3 is only used on smooth, level floors and roadways. The low enclosure height and lattice construction of the mast allows good visibility through the telescopic mast - people and goods are always in view.

The motor power of 750 W supports you perfectly when transporting Euro pallets and mesh boxes up to 2,646 lbs. The battery capacity of 190 Ah guarantees a total running time of 3.5 h at full capacity. The two built-in lead-gel batteries are maintenance-free and have a combined voltage of 24 V. These can be conveniently charged from any normal 110 V socket.When the battery is completely discharged, the charging process takes approximately 7.5 h.

Lifting speed:

  • loaded 3.74 in/s
  • unloaded 5.28 in/s

Lowering speed:

  • loaded 5.12 in/s
  • unloaded 3.7 in/s

The transport speed of 2.5 mph is approximately the speed of a pedestrian. An electromechanical brake ensures easy and safe transport of the goods.
The electric high lift truck can be used up to a gradient of 5 - 7 % depending on the load. These specifications only apply to smooth industrial floors.

The smooth-running, easily manoeuvrable castors made of PU and high-quality ball bearings are standard equipment of the SolidHubHE1200/3. These PU These PU castors convince with their abrasion resistance and good grip on the ground, while rolling easily and quietly over uneven surfaces - a good middle ground between smooth running and rolling resistance. Please consider your floor load before using the HE1200/3.

Please check the compatibility of your pallets with the HE1200/3 using our technical data sheet.
The HE1200/3 stacker is designed for use with open decked pallets.


Please inform yourself about the nationally relevant regulations in the country of use before you operate the device. The user is responsible for initial operation and for selecting the appropriate personnel for this purpose.