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Working platform / cage for forklift, SolidHub
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Technical data & downloads
Article No. 108529
  • Model
  • Loading area
    930 x 930 mm
  • Max. Load
    794 lbs
  • Mobile
  • Weight
    147,71 lbs
  • Colour
  • Surface
  • Width
    36,61 in
  • Depth
    37,2 in
  • Height
    76,77 in
  • Height forklift pocket
    2,76 in
  • Wide forklift bag
    6,1 in
  • Stand width
    36,61 in
  • Stand depth
    36,61 in
Delivery volume
  • Working cage/platform for forklift 36.61 in x 37.2 in x 76.77 in
  • The large standing platform can accommodate 2 people
  • The 4 swivel castors can be unscrewed if necessary
  • The parking brakes on 2 of the swivel castors make it easy to store
  • The safety chain, which can be placed around the forks, ensures safety
  • The high rear lattice wall and the stable railing provide additional safety when working
  • Guaranteed spare parts supply and customer service

Working platform, working cage as an attachment for the forklift

This practical tool provides comfort and safety for a maximum of two people when carrying out work at height for longer periods without the need for another lifting machine. Simply place the 36.61 in x 37.2 in working cage on the fork, secure it in place using the securing chain and carry out your repair or maintenance work in safety.
The supplied castors can be fitted as needed.

Please check the working load limit of the forklift. The SolidHub working platform can only be used with forklifts with a working load limit of at least 1500 kg / 3307 lbs. The following safety measures must also be observed when working with this forklift accessory: 

  • You must have received training to operate the working basked at have a written order from the client.
  • When working in the working cage, the operator must designate a supervisor.
  • Basically, the accident prevention regulations as well as national regulations regarding attachments for forklift trucks must be observed.

Regulations for operation

  • Entry to and exit from the working cage is only permitted through the designated access point.
  • The maximum permitted weight of 794 lbs must not be exceeded.
  • There must be no obstacles in the lifting area of the working cage.
  • Carrying out work less than 3 metres (10 ft) from overhead power lines or at a lifting height of more than 5 metres (16 ft) is prohibited.
  • Those working in the working cage must work in a way that does not put themselves or others at risk.
  • Climbing onto the protective scaffolding and setting up ladders and scaffolding is prohibited.
  • Before starting work with the working cage under a raised load, it must be ensured that the sling is correctly attached (observe the permitted payload of the lifting gear).
  • Loads may only be stored on the floor and inside the cage.
  • Enlarging the platform and attaching overhanging loads is not permitted.
  • Communication with the driver of the forklift must be ensured at all times.

Additional advice for use with forklifts

  • Secure the cage using the securing chain so that it does not slip. The chain must be attached behind the forks.
  • The working cage must not be used to transport people.
  • Operating racks with the working cage is prohibited.
  • When the working cage is raised, the forklift driver must not leave the driver’s seat.
  • The working cage may only be used with forklifts that have a working load limit of at least 1500 kg / 3307 lbs.
  • Before attaching the working cage, ensure that the forklift has a fork spacing of 530 mm (20.87") and a fork length of at least 800 mm (31.5").



The working cage is intended for forklifts and not for high-lift trucks. Before purchasing, make sure the working cage is compatible with your forklift (max. fork arm cross-section 2.76 in x 6.1 in).

Please inform yourself about the nationally relevant regulations in the country of use before you operate the device. The user is responsible for initial operation and for selecting the appropriate personnel for this purpose.

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05/10/2023 based on Art. No. 108529
Looks solid. Has yet to be used, though, so I can't pass judgment on that for now.
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 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 
 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 
03/31/2023 based on Art. No. 108529
Product in line with expectations
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 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 
 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 
01/19/2023 based on Art. No. 108529
Simple work protection basket
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 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 
 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 
06/08/2022 based on Art. No. 108529
 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 
 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 
01/17/2022 based on Art. No. 108529