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Tool cabinets lockers

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Orderliness in the company: tool cabinet & locker

"You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs" - everyone knows the saying - and where chips fall, the work gets done. The many small and large tools needed for this must be within easy reach. We can help: our multifunctional workbench literally has it all. Either in the short MFW version with two modules, such as a tool cabinet with drawers on the left and a tool cabinet with a door and two levels inside on the right. Of course lockable for after work or weekend.

Tool drawer cabinet or hinged door cabinet.

First, let's take a closer look at the drawer cabinet: The basic material is steel and designed in attractive light gray with blue drawer fronts. Since originally designed to integrate with our MFW1000 workbench, MFP packing table/workbench or MFR storage rack, it comes in two depths. The drawer count varies from four drawers, six drawers or up to 10 drawers. For each drawer there is a drawer divider, which can be used individually, and thus smaller tools can be stored neatly. There is also a set of two keys for each tool cabinet with drawers, which turns the entire element into a locker by locking it securely.

The built-in element as a tool cabinet with hinged doors or also with only one door is also available in two depths for our MFR storage rack, heavy duty workbench or workbench. All cabinet elements are, like the drawer cabinets, 2-color painted in chic light gray (body) and signal blue (door). The metal cabinet will withstand the rigors of everyday workshop use. The hinged door cabinet holds larger tools and equipment or can be used as a coat closet. But actually, we have something better for that in our program...

Locker + Wardrobe = Clothes Locker

Either way, with our lockers this calculation works out in any case. They are perfect wardrobe lockers for your employees in companies, for the comrades of the fire department or other groups of people who first get rid of their everyday clothes and put on a uniform or work clothes. The TOPREGAL clothes locker perfectly protects the clothes from dust & dirt at the workplace - and thanks to the integrated lock also from possible thieves. Two matching keys are included in the delivery.

You need the locker or the tool cabinet rollable?

You have a workplace where you need a lot of freedom of movement, but you need your tools always at hand? - we can help! In just a few simple steps you can turn it into a tool cabinet - rollable and mobile, which will gladly follow you wherever you go. The installation in a mobile shelf or a mobile workbench is a perfect fit, as it was developed especially for this case and the height can be adjusted individually to your working height - our products can also be converted into the mobile versions at a later date. We will be happy to advise you and send you the required castor set separately; talk to us in chat, by phone or by eMail!

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